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Pro-dubbed by duplication.ca on white shells with black pad printing. Limited to 50 copies.

Artwork by Steve Weston: https://www.facebook.com/SteveWestonDesign/

Pad art by Steve Weston & Team Modest

For CD/Vinyl visit: http://instereorecords.co.uk/

Fuzzy grunge lovers HIGH/LOW return with their second self-produced album: AUTOSPY

Showing their DIY ethos, the band recorded and mixed the album themselves, created all the artwork, music videos and even built their own effects pedals!

‘AUTOSPY’ blends the familiar HIGH/LOW sounds of loud guitars, bass fuzz, energy and harmonies with more dynamics and a fuller sound; thanks in part to the arrival of new drummer Dave Pankhurst.

©2015/2016 High/Low

Published by instereo records

Cassette version distributed by Norwegian Blue Records

Recorded at LOFI Studios

All music written/recorded by High/Low:

Steve Weston: Guitars, Vocals
Lee Yates: Bass Fuzz
Dave Pankhurst: Drums

For CD/Vinyl visit: http://instereorecords.co.uk/